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Provide a loving and nurturing environment. We are always looking for good homes for our kittens and adoptable adult cats

The sad fact is that there are far more cats and kittens on the big island of Hawaii than there are people who are willing to care for them.  Their owners may no longer be able to afford to keep them, or they may have moved home to a house that is unsuitable for their pet cat.

Thankfully, many people do consider turning to cat shelters and cat rescue centers when they are thinking of bringing a cat or kitten into their home, rather than turning automatically to breeders or private owners.  In this way, many unwanted or neglected cats and kittens can be given a second chance at a loving home and live to old age, happy and healthy. 

But if you’re not able to commit to adopting a cat, there are other ways that you can contribute. Have you thought about fostering a cat or kitten – or more than one?  We can arrange for the cats that come to you to be 

vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered to protect the cat from future harm or loss and to prevent further unwanted cats being born.   

Fostering can help these cats immensely.  You can choose to foster kittens or cats or a mixture, and would ideally do so until the cat or kitten has been rehomed.  We will advertise these cats/kittens (usually online) with their photographs and description of their temperament and history in the hope of attracting an adoptive family.  You could also choose to foster pregnant cats and look after them and the kittens until the kittens are weaned (about six weeks after birth), during which time you would socialise the kittens as well as keep them fed and cared for. 

If you think that fostering cats or kittens is something you could do and would like to do, then get in touch with us.  You will normally need to be interviewed and someone from our charity would need to see your home to make sure it is suitable for caring for the cats/kittens – you don’t need a large house but you need somewhere where the cats/kittens can be cared for safely (perhaps a box room, or a playpen).

Call Nancy 329 4337 for more information or write her 

Could you foster a cat or kitten?


We need volunteers for various jobs: feeding, trapping, taking TNR cats to veterinary appointments, fostering kittens and answering our advoCATS phone. 

donate Food or goods

We always need dry and wet food for our colonies. Litter, towels, and  blankets for transporting the ferals to adoption and clinic days.

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