While we are happy to assist you with TNR-ing cats in your neighborhood, we CANNOT and WILL NOT remove cats permanently from your neighborhood that may be spraying and/or making noise while mating.  We must RETURN any trapped cats that have been neutered or spayed to the location where they were trapped.  It is our experience that objectionable behaviors very often disappear after cats are spayed or neutered. For more information on SPAY/NEUTER CLINICS, reserve traps or to make reservations, contact Cindy direct by phone/text (808) 895-9283 or Email Cindy at cindyt@hawaii.rr.com. 



Your donations are used to support our mission through community outreach and spay/neuter programs


Our goals today and tomorrow...advoCATS will work hard to protect the rights of feral felines. Through growth in membership, we will be able to accomplish much more. Through financial support, we will be able to feed, neuter and care for these animals. As the organization grows, then our goals will expand as well.


- AdvoCATS identifies feral cat colonies with the help and information provided by members and other concerned individuals. Volunteers feed and care for these colonies on a daily basis.

- AdvoCATS supports the Trap-Neuter-Return Program to control over-population as well as to maintain good health among the colonies. Once trapped, the cat is transported to a local veterinary hospital. After examination, healthy cats are then neutered, ear tipped (R-female/L-male), allowed to recuperate from surgery and then returned to their colonies where the advoCATS volunteer monitors their recovery. The advoCATS caregiver reserves the right and assumes responsibility for any testing or further medical care for an animal if he/she so chooses.

- AdvoCATS will work very hard to find loving homes for abandoned feral kittens when the need arises.

- Members of advoCATS encourage other caring and compassionate people to come forward and become involved in the care of feral feline colonies.

- Donations of time, money and cat food and equipment are an integral part to the success of AdvoCATS and its mission.


We support the Trap-Neuter-Return program as the humane way to reduce the number of unwanted cats and prevent the spread of feline diseases.

Our Mission and Goals


We need volunteers for various jobs: feeding, trapping, taking TNR cats to veterinary appointments, fostering kittens and answering our advoCATS phone. If you live on the Big Island of Hawaii and can spare a few hours a week you could really make a difference. The rewards are infinite and the kitties will thank you.

donate Food or supplies

We always need dry and wet food for our colonies. Litter, towels, and  blankets for transporting the ferals to adoption and clinic days.

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Helping Hawaii's homeless felines since 1999

What we do

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