Helping Hawaii's homeless felines since 1999

Lost / Found a Cat or Kitten?  Have to give up a pet cat?   Looking to Adopt?    

PLEASE REMEMBER - We DO NOT have a facility to house cats or kittens and all of us are unpaid volunteers. One of us will have to house and care for YOUR kitty in our own home.

Have YOU tried to re-home your kitty?  Please read this first before contacting us 

Maybe a neighbor or friend could help with advertising kitty locally or would be willing to adopt kitty? It is easy to take kitty with you if you are leaving the island and not expensive.   If that is not an option, we have had success with Craigslist ads but DO NOT offer your beloved kitty as 'FREE TO GOOD HOME." Always ask for a re-homing fee.  We can not stress enough that some people place NO value on a free animal and there are horror stories.  We have seen it. You are the best judge of character when it comes to placing your cat with a new owner.   Only you know if the new home will be a "good fit" both for kitty or the new family.

Do not dump your cats where you see a feral colony.  Your cat will be an outsider and may be attacked or not allowed to eat. 

If you have tried with no success, an AdvoCATS volunteer will post a listing of your lost, found, or adoptable cats or kittens on these web pages.   ​Do not wait till the last minute and tell us you are leaving the island tomorrow.

Please give us kitty's name, approximate date born, gender, if spayed, neutered or vaccinated, any description about the cat you want to share, personality, habits, videos, photos.  

Available adoptions - We list on PetFinder

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