Helping Hawaii's homeless felines since 1999

When she arrived at the clinic Dr. April Campbell removed her eye and spayed her.  This precious little kitten weighed only 1.4 pounds. 

After several weeks of fostering, Blynken had put on enough weight and was frisky enough to be returned to her colony.  Thanks to the care she received through AdvoCATS, she is a healthy, energetic cat, climbing trees and living with the other cats in her managed colony. 

Through our TNR program, AdvoCATS is dedicated to stabilizing, reducing and managing the feral cat population on the Island of Hawaii. 

Blynken’s Story

Blynken was abandoned at a Kohala Coast public park barely 6 weeks old, in pain and with a horribly ulcerated eye bulging out of the socket.  The feeder who cares for the feral cats at the park caught her and took her home and fostered her until the date of the free AdvoCATS feral spay/neuter clinic.

Blynken is a Wink’in and wishing you Happy Holidays

AdvoCATS Virtual Christmas Tree Donation